CloudStore builds upon on ideas from Google's well-known filesystem project, GFS . The system consists of 3 components:

Meta-data server : a single meta-data server that provides a global namespace

Block server: Files are split into blocks or chunks and stored on block servers. Blocks are also known as chunk servers. Chunkserver store the chunks as files in the underlying file system (such as, ZFS on Solaris or XFS on Linux)

Client library: that provides the file system API to allow applications to interface with CloudStore. To integrate applications to use CloudStore, applications will need to be modified and relinked with the CloudStore client library.

While CloudStore can be accessed natively from C++ applications, support is also provided for Java and Python applications. JNI glue code/Python module support is included in the release to allow those applications to access CloudStore via the CloudStore client library APIs. Read more...


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